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After traveling the world for so many years, I felt compelled to write down some of my experiences. I've never kept track of how many countries I've visited, but Antarctica is the only continent left, and hopefully, that dream will come true soon. Sadly, the memories and pictures have faded and I can no longer recall the vivid and minute details. But, thankfully, I am still traveling, and I would like to share some of my recent adventures with you, along with a few of the stories from the past that has managed to linger on. I've always believed in savouring the moment rather than capturing it through the lens, so I don't have many pictures or they're in print form. I would be using images from the internet, as well as some of my own, to help readers visualize better. I am not a writer or an expert of any kind; I simply enjoy travelling. Hope you find something interesting and informative in my random thoughts. I'd appreciate candid feedback so that I can refine and improve the overall experience. You can get in touch with me at

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