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After traveling the world for the past so many years, I felt like penning down some of my experiences. I have never counted the number of countries I have visited, but Antarctica is the only continent that is left and hopefully, that dream will be fulfilled soon. Unfortunately, the memories and pictures have become faded and I can’t remember the vivid and minute details. But luckily, I am still traveling, and I would like to share those expeditions with you along with some of the stories from the past which has managed to linger on. I had always believed in savoring the moment, rather than capturing it through the lens, so I don’t have many pictures or they are in printed form. I had to use images from the net, along with some of mine, so that the readers can visualize better. I am not a writer, nor an expert of any sort but just love to travel. Hopefully, you will find something interesting and informative in my random thoughts. Would love to have honest feedback, so that I can refine and improve the overall experience. You can contact me at

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