Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

The Golden City of Jaisalmer is one of the most sought-after destinations in India. The imposing “living fort”, intricately carved Havelis, ornate temples, mystical desert, intriguing legends, and the traditional cuisine has an allure that is difficult to resist. The fascinating city, built entirely in honey-colored sandstone, is located on the edge of the yellow sand dunes of the Thar desert – a perfect setting for a memorable vacation.

The scorching heat of the barren land is too much for most visitors and there is a lull in tourism in summer. However, from October to March, the city is flooded with tourists. The resulting commercialization is inevitable. Accommodations to suit all budgets and tastes have sprouted in every nook and corner of Jaisalmer – hostels, budget hotels, camps, and sprawling resorts. One hotel that manages to stand out amidst the usual run-of-the-mill offerings is the palatial bespoke hotel, Suryagarh.


Suryagarh, encompassed within the fortress-like walls, stands in solitary splendor amidst the stark wilderness of the Thar desert. Located on the old Silk Route in the Thar Desert, Suryagarh looms large on a small hilltop. Due to its vintage position, incredible views await you from every spot. As you approach the sprawling resort, you will be awe-struck by the imposing entrance of Suryagarh. The resort made with blocks of local yellow sandstone might resemble n medieval fort, but it was built 10-12 years ago. It was created to look like a luxury fort and merge perfectly with the surroundings.

The curvaceous courtyards, well-tended gardens, intricate jaali work, enchanting jharokhas, beautiful step-wells, reflection pools, and star-lit venues would take you into a bygone era. The glorious Rajputana culture has been seamlessly blended with the contemporary lifestyle. Suryagarh aims to preserve the traditions of the past, yet cater to all modern comforts and conveniences. Attention has been paid to the finest details and the result is impressive. The unfailing hospitality, tempting traditional cuisine, tranquil grounds, and richly furnished rooms will give a royal touch to your vacation. A grand welcome awaits you as you are greeted with rose petals, local songs, and the beat of the drums.

Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Location of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh is about 15 km from Jaisalmer City and 28 km from the local airport. It may be a bit isolated from Jaisalmer, but you can easily get a taxi from the airport as well as the city. In recent years, Jaisalmer has been connected by flight to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bangalore. However, the flights are only operational during the winter months. Other ways to reach Jaisalmer are via rail or road.

Accommodation at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Suryagarh has 84 rooms including 28 suites and 5 standalone Havelis. Suites and rooms are divided into three categories based on size and amenities. The vibrant and airy rooms have been furnished and designed to suit the taste of the discerning guests. The rooms represent a timeless Rajasthan, yet have all the facilities that one can expect in a property of such stature. Everywhere you look, you will find exclusivity and luxury. The lavish suites are embellished with local textures, handcrafted furnishings, heritage art pieces, and superlative comforts to suit personal preferences. The elegant Havelis come with courtyards, and a private pool, and offer more privacy & space. They are often occupied by celebrities and Bollywood stars. There is an understated elegance in all the furnishings and décor. Not over-the-top but minimalistic. All the rooms, except the Havelis, face an expansive courtyard in the center, giving an old-world charm and homely vibes to the plush resort.

Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Food at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

This is definitely going to be the highlight of your stay at Suryagarh. The food is scrumptious, authentic, and a delight. What makes the experience truly phenomenal is the Rajasthani warmth & hospitality. Nosh, the all-day-dining, is located in the central courtyard and you can linger over your delicious meal as you soak in the grandeur of your surroundings. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant and the place to start your mornings with. Local and international cuisines are served with the same degree of flair and expertise. Suryagarh prides itself on its “Halwai Breakfast”- an assortment of chaats, parathas, fried savory snacks, sweets, etc. (along with the usual international selection) are served right in the morning to tempt your taste buds.

If you want to delve deeper into the culinary secrets of guarded princely recipes, visit Legends of Marwar – the specialty restaurant for legendary & traditional Marwari food. The signature Thali (Indian version of a multi-course meal) adds Persian flavors to the Rajasthani cuisine bringing unique flavors and textures to the native cuisine. It is a formal, adults-only restaurant.  Draksh, the while-walled bar, serves the finest spirits from around the world. It is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. You cannot leave without tasting the hotel’s signature Suryagarh Sunrise cocktail/mocktail. Room Service is available 24 hours a day. The dishes that should be on your wish list – Daal Baati Churma, Kachoris, Bajra roti, Mirchi Vadas, Jalebis, Badam Halwa, Poori Aloo, Barfis, Khajoor ki Rabdi, Badaam Doodh, Samosas, chaats, Dahi Kebab, Parathas, and Masala chai.

Signature Thali

Facilities and Activities at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

The remoteness of the resort doesn’t mean that you will be short of things to do. There is a fully functional spa (Rait), a well-equipped gym (Akhara), Yoga classes, an Archery Workshop ( Dhanurvidya), cultural evenings, and an indoor temperature-controlled pool (Neel). Besides these, the resort offers a variety of curated trails and experiences in & around the hotel to keep you entertained. The thoughtfully curated experiences are perfectly designed in a way that you can absorb the essence of Jaisalmer and the surrounding terrain that is enveloped in intriguing myths & legends.

If you can find time and occasion, you should book at least one of the F & B experiences like Thar Dinner at Celebrations Gardens, Picnic at Desert Oasis, Breakfast with Peacocks, Dinner on the Dunes, and Sundowners.  Each of them has some unusual and extraordinary offerings that are truly remarkable. The celebratory feast is served in magical settings amongst superb vistas – unmatched experiences.

If you want to explore the incredible beauty of Jaisalmer in style, privacy, and comfort, Suryagarh doesn’t disappoint. Thar Trail, Temple Trail, Chudail Trail, Bustard Trail, and Silk Route Exploration are some of the explorations planned by Suryagarh for its esteemed clients.

JW Marriott or Suryagarh?

Opened in 2016, JW Marriott, Jaisalmer is also a palace-style resort, though nothing as grand as Suryagarh. Marriott offers gorgeous views of the Jaisalmer Fort. The hotel comes with trademark hospitality, world-class infrastructure, well-appointed rooms, multiple dining options, and the best amenities. It belongs to one of the best hotel chains in the world and has the advantage of being located in the heart of Jaisalmer. The Marriott won’t disappoint and you will enjoy your stay at the beautiful resort.

However, if you want to experience the heritage and culture of Rajasthan at its best, Suryagarh should be your choice. It redefines luxury and will elevate your experiences to phenomenal levels. This is your chance to enjoy a royal lifestyle without compromising on modern comforts in any way. A stay at Suryagarh is unique, grand, and highly recommended.

Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
Thar Dinner at Celebration Gardens

Things to know

  • The service at the hotel is personalized and truly exemplary.
  • You can get a room at 12000++ in the off-season. In the peak season, prices are generally 35000++. 
  • The hotel is generally fully booked in season, so plan your trip.
  • Suryagarh is a short drive away from Jaisalmer. Since Jaisalmer is the hub of most tourist activities, you always need a car/taxi for your excursions.
  • It may be a bit far from Jaisalmer, but closer to other popular attractions in the region. Sam Dunes are 40 km from Jaisalmer and 23 km from Suryagarh.
  • Breakfast is usually included in the room tariff.
  • The resort is pet-friendly.
  • There are no activities specifically for children. However, there is an on-site small animal sanctuary to keep kids occupied.
  • Suryagarh is a popular destination for weddings/celebrations as there are lots of open & exotic spots to hold events.
Review of Suryagarh, Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Curry & Grill Dinner

Final Thoughts

Suryagarh is just not a hotel. It believes in excellence, comfort, and consistency. The luxurious resort aims to preserve the traditions of the past but in a modern framework. The aura, purity, and grace of medieval times can be experienced during your stay at Suryagarh.

Hotel Website: Suryagarh.Com
PC: Suryagarh TeamHa

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