Things You Forget to Pack

Things You Forget to Pack

One travel-related activity that is quite stressful and tedious is packing. You may read about packing hacks, chalk out a list, start packing well ahead of time, and recheck your bag multiple times – you still end up missing out on one of the essential things needed for your pleasure/ business trips.

In our excitement and rush of going on a vacation, we forget to pack some of the most obvious and basic items in our bags. Nothing can be more frustrating than landing in a foreign land and realizing that you have forgotten your charger or medication at home. Packing vitals depend on the destination, weather, duration, activities planned, and specific needs. Additionally, we should not pack non-essential items and keep our luggage light, so that we do not incur any extra baggage charges. However, there are some necessities that you require every time you travel. I have compiled a checklist of things you are likely to forget for a trip.

 Chargers – One of the most crucial items often forgotten is the chargers, especially the phone charger. In an attempt to charge our devices till the last moment, we often leave them in the socket. The phone chargers are frequently left in hotel rooms and keep charging our devices until it is time to leave. Stowing an extra charger in your luggage beforehand would be a good idea as this is one item without which you cannot survive anywhere today.

Things you always forget to pack
Phone Charger.

First Aid Kit – It is prudent to carry a small First Aid kit with you for emergencies. Sadly, the little box is mostly forgotten unless needed. Minor accidents, blisters, upset stomachs, pains, and the common cold can happen anytime & anywhere and one should be sufficiently equipped to deal with them. Moreover, we sometimes forget to pack our daily medications which can prove to be a disaster. It is not always feasible to run to a pharmacy to get the necessary medication and that too without any prescriptions. So, pack the medical kit in an easily accessible location in your bags.

Tooth Paste/Brush Next on the list is the humble toothpaste and toothbrush. They are also forgotten in our rush to finish our packing despite being right there in our washrooms. If you plan to stay at a hotel, you can find a complimentary replacement. If you are roughing it out or you are particular about your dental regime, you may have to run to a nearby shop.

Swimsuit – Once you reach the hotel and see the amazing pool, you realize that you haven’t packed your swimsuit. Even if it is freezing outside, a swimsuit comes in handy for a dip in a heated pool or an open jacuzzi. Considering the negligible space it takes, you should always remember to take a swimsuit for your trips.

Swim suite, Things you forget to pack.

Sunscreen – If you do not use sunscreen daily (you should), there is a high chance that you will forget to pack it with your toiletries. It may be a beach vacation, a trekking trip, or a luxury holiday, you must carry and use sunscreen whenever you step out during the daytime. You don’t want to get sunburnt and then start scouting for suitable sunscreen.

Travel Adaptors – Another item that is often forgotten is the Travel Adaptor. Don’t expect the hotel to provide you with one as they may not have a spare one to share. All your devices will be dead soon without this gadget. Check the outlet and voltage requirements of the destination country and pack the required adaptor. Invest in a sturdy multi-travel adaptor that should always be in your laptop bag/handbag during your international sojourns.

Books – Most of us like to read a book during holidays but unfortunately only remember them when we are sitting on the flight. Even if they are heavy, books are your best companion during long flights and inevitable waiting times. If you intend to catch up on your reading while you are on a vacation, pack your books before you forget.

Things you forget to pack.
Travel Adaptors

Umbrella – It may not look like an essential item but you will realize its’ value when you are caught in a downpour or thunderstorm without any shield. Even in the deserts, umbrellas along with hats/scarves are an asset to protect you from the scorching sun, especially in places like Egypt.  So, pack an umbrella. If you are visiting a destination in the midst of a rainy season, add a raincoat to your list.

Sweatshirt/Light Jacket – Your holiday destination might be a warm, tropical getaway – you still need to carry a light jacket for those chilled flights/cold airports/early morning activities. Most of us completely forget to add them to our travel apparel. Don’t make that mistake.

Hand Sanitizer – I don’t need to emphasize how important sanitizers are in recent times. It was one of the most forgotten items until now, but I hope no one will be foolish enough to leave home without a hand sanitizer now. Add masks and disposable gloves to the holiday essentials.

Things you always forget to pack
Sunscreen Lotion.

Cash and Credit Cards – It is 2020, but you still need some cash with you for emergencies, tipping, taxis, or ‘cash only’ transactions. Do not forget to get some currency converted before you leave home. And check if the credit/debit cards you are carrying are viable for international transactions. It may prove to be an expensive omission.

Emergency snacks – Even if you are looking forward to a culinary adventure during your vacation, don’t forget to pack some non-perishable snacks with you. They may come in handy if you miss breakfast/dinner, find the airport food inedible (isn’t it always so?), or are craving some familiar food. If you are a vegetarian, they may prove very handy.

Important Documents – Nowadays, we keep all our documents, hotel confirmations, tickets, passports, credit cards, etc. on our smartphones. But don’t forget to print and carry physical copies. If you lose your phone or if the phone is dead – you can land yourself in big trouble. Make it a rule to always pack paper copies of your travel documents.

One should always carry invoice copies of the expensive objects which you are taking along with you. Items like jewelry, handbags, watches, and laptops can incur heavy customs duties when you return. If the customs officer suspects that they were bought during the trip, you can present an invoice as proof. Valuables should always be carried in cabin luggage, as checked-in bags may get misplaced.

Identification Proof – You cannot leave home without your passport or ID proof. You can get away with everything but you cannot forget the IDs, or it may put the entire plan in jeopardy. A copy of any sort is not going to suffice. Please recheck them once again just when you are ready to depart.

I know most of these things are quite basic and obvious, but we still overlook them. Next time you start packing, go through this list to not miss something crucial that may spoil your holiday plans.

What is that one item which you keep forgetting to pack? Reply in the comment section below.

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  1. Jodie (That Happy Reader)

    Great post! Your list is very inclusive and practical! Having had a number of long delays for flights (3 hours on the tarmac in Venice) I can’t emphasize the snacks enough! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grislean

    These are all super important! I recently started carrying a first aid kit, because honestly I always end up having to buy overprices first aid kit items during my trip lol Also, yes! travel adaptors! When I went to Europe on a high school trip, a lot of people didn’t realize this was necessary. So that wasn’t good for trying to charge anything let alone try to use the outlets at all. Thank for sharing this post!

    Grislean |

  3. Tenzin Norbu

    Dear Seema
    Such detail and a great collection of travel packing tips.
    I like it so much.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jenna B

    So true!! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my swimsuit. 😆

  5. Jamieadstories

    Travel adaptors are so important. As is a travel kettle. So many times I have found no tea making machinery in the room.

  6. catherine

    Thanks for sharing this article. It is a detail and a great collection of travel tips.
    It is very helpful for me.

  7. Touch Tibet

    Thanks for your information regarding to the Travel …. For my personal experience many of traveller often face problem regarding to the Travel adapter as the socket in Asia is different in many country so it is very important to have multi or portable adapter that is available on online shop like amazon or Taobao,,,, ..

  8. Silvia

    great article, thanks for sharing such an informative article on packing your things for visiting another places. I loved reading it and its very helpful,

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