Bizarre Indian Traveler

Bizarre Indian Traveler

Travel is the new obsession of Indians. Increasingly more and more Indians are going for international vacations. Now Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, Switzerland are passé.  Iceland, Rio, South Africa, Croatia, New Zealand are the trending destinations for Indians. The craze can be seen amongst all age groups but has the Indian tourist evolved?

Indian traveler has always been labeled as being unruly, loud, and bizarre. And most of us will agree that there is some truth in this statement. They start behaving in a bizarre manner as soon as they board the plane. It is a common sight to see Indians requesting passengers to shift seats in a plane so that they can sit together. They talk to each other across aisles, stand in the path, shout on phone, and make life difficult for everyone. 

The real nightmare starts when it is time to eat. Most of us, with good reason, think the plane food is not edible and bring food from home. This proves to be a disaster. To the dismay of the airline staff. the interiors of the plane are soon filled with the aroma of Thepla, paratha, pickles, Bhujia, and Indian spices. To add to the woes, the benevolent souls decide to pass the food to other members of their group sitting in different rows, paying no heed to the fact that they are leaving crumbs on the heads of the harassed co-passengers. who is not part of the feast? 

Need I say more? The Indian passengers drink too much, are too demanding, and don’t follow the instructions. Can you blame others for thinking the worst about us?

Our love for food, makes us do more idiosyncratic acts. Behind the façade of the local food being too bland and expensive, we resort to making Maggi and Pulao in the Electric kettle or chopping vegetables in the hotel room to make Bhel Puri. The resulting mess you can visualize. How many of us have been guilty of picking croissants, apples, or muffins from the free breakfast and stowing it away so that we can eat later? I have seen people making sandwiches using the breakfast spread, wrapping it into tissues, and hiding it in their bags. We are fooling ourselves if we think that we are smart and no one notices it.  

Our hotel behavior is quite extraordinary. We feel it’s very normal to wash your laundry in the tub or washbasin and hang the clothes to dry all over the room with water dripping on the carpet, much to the chagrin of the cleaning staff. Besides the shampoo, conditioner, and other stuff, we also believe that towels, bathrobes, ashtrays, dryers are meant to be taken with you when you check out.

Whether it’s immigration, security, or ticket window, Indians don’t understand the concept of standing in queues. We need to learn etiquette and discipline. Indians are averse to tipping, and when they don’t get good service, they are offensive and aggressive. Our love for bargaining can become embarrassing. We try to bargain everywhere, even in malls and boutiques. 

Our biggest problem is that we are very loud and inconsiderate of the people around us. I remember I was attending a wedding in Boston last year, and for three consecutive nights there were complaints from the neighbors about too much noise. But nobody cared and kept the music playing till the wee hours of the morning. Our hosts felt that at weddings there is bound to be loud noises and people should be more understanding. Is it so difficult to comprehend that this is not India and people there are not used to our culture and traditions?

We litter everywhere and still don’t know how to use washrooms. The list is never-ending and lots of us have been guilty of behaving in an outlandish way when we are holidaying. As a result, Indian travelers are bad news for most of the hotels, airports, and tourist places. We don’t realize is that when we cross our borders we are representing India and our actions are generalized and attributed to the whole country. Can we try to be careful next time we board the plane for our next destination? We expect foreigners to follow our traditions when they visit India, but what about us?

Have ever wondered what all cultural shocks we get when we travel? 

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  1. Sangeeta Lodha

    So true!

  2. Deepak upadhyaya

    Very true to the nature of we indian and being India Head of a Travel company most of our partners complaints on the same issue we some how manage to explain them but multiple time if it’s repeated there is a panelty by them .

  3. Amita Bhandari

    OMG. This is all so true and embarrassing at the same time. This blog should be made more and more available for India travellers. It would help in improving our image , abroad.

    1. Takeoffwithme


  4. Pooja bhandari

    Every word is so true. As I am going through the article I realise we too are doing the same thing not realising that we represent India. So true.

    1. seemachoudhari65

      We all are to be blamed

  5. Harendra

    So true!

  6. Vinod Shah

    This is true depiction of what happens . We see in every flight or hotel but the irony is no body dare to educate them. There has to be a proper platform to train travellers. Onus lies on major tour operators

  7. lakhi daswani

    Our habits should change first at home & in our own country.We cant have double standards

  8. DR M R JAIN

    I feel that there is lot of change now since more & more people are travelling and staying in premium hotels. A concept of cleanliness in India is strongly catching up.
    I have travelled through out the world with tour operator and found none of these things… probsably we all were educated.
    M. R Jain

    1. Takeoffwithme

      Changes are slowly creeping in no doubt. But we still have a long way to go.

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