Queenstown - Amazing Adventure Activities

Amazing Adventure Activities

Queenstown is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and scenic cities in the world. Located in the bay of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the South Alps, the town has an enchanting beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world.  It’s also a buzzing party town boasting amazing adventure activities, world-class food, trendy hotels, happening bars, and thriving nightlife.

Despite its staggering beauty, Queenstown is more famous for the thrills and experiences it offers. It’s called ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ and with good reason.  Have never come across a place offering so many exhilarating sports. Since it has mountains as well as a lake in its periphery, it can offer all sorts of thrills.  If you have a taste for adventure and lots of spare cash, you couldn’t have chosen a better place for your vacation. 

  • Queenstown is the place where commercial bungee jumping started in 1988. If you have the courage and stamina for it, this is the best place to go for it. There are three bungee sites in Queenstown with lots of companies offering the service. There are also variations like High wire Bungee and Ledge Bungee. The adventure can cost you anything from $150 to $275.  If your adrenaline rush is high, you can also try Bungee jumping at night when you are plummeting into darkness. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. 
  • Jetboard riding is another popular sport in Queenstown. Five companies offer this experience. But Jet boating here has become a synonym with Shotover Jet, as it has bought Queenstown lots of international exposure.  Shotover Jet is the only company licensed to operate on Shotover River Canyons. The 25-minute ride takes you through a churning river gorge giving you 360-degree spins. You zip across narrow and dangerous canyons scraping the towering canyon walls and boulders and If you can catch your breath, don’t forget to look at the awe-inspiring landscape along the way. It can be a family outing as kids are also allowed here. Adults are charged $289 and kids $169a

  • If you are young and daring and want to try a new sport, opt for Nevis Swing in Queenstown.  It’s the biggest swing in the entire world perched mid-air at 109 m above the raging canyon below. You have to jump off the height of 160 m and land on a swing alone or in tandem. There are about 70 different styles to jump and you can decide what you want depending on your adrenalin rush. The experience will cost you NZ $249 and the minimum age is 10 years. Roundtrip from Queenstown is 2.5 hours and there is free pick-up.
  • The newest addition to the never-ending adventures in Queenstown is the Shotover Canyon Fox. It has the same concept as the Swing, but hereafter the jump, you are off to a thrilling zip line of 240m across the Shotover Canyon at the height of 182m. Another nail-biting experience that will bring you down by NZ$174. You can opt for Shotover Canyon Fox and Swing Combo for NZ $299
  • If you haven’t ticked off Tandem skydiving from your to-do list, what better place than Queenstown to experience it? You can decide whether you want your free fall to start from 15000ft, 12000ft, or 9000ft at the speed of 200kmph. Along with the thrilling experience you enjoy the unspoiled and enchanting views of Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. Skydiving costs you between NZD 299 to $479. High-Risk thrills don’t come cheap.
  • Visiting Queenstown in winter?  You should definitely head for the ski slopes. You may be a learner or a pro, but you can enjoy skiing here. There are four ski resorts in the periphery of Queenstown – Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Cardonna, and Treble Cone. They have a wide range of slopes that cater to all ability levels. They offer unparalleled and picturesque Alpine views and world-class infrastructure for a thrilling experience. The ski season is from June to September. If you plan to visit in July-August, book well in advance.
  • New Zealand is famous for Canyoning and if you have never tried it, what are you waiting for? There are many canyoning tours in Queenstown offering you half-day or full-day tours depending on your experiences and stamina. You get an opportunity to experience the beauty of the intimidating canyon at close quarters with all sorts of thrilling adventure activities. You leap into the clear water, swim, slide over rocks, scramble, hike, abseil down waterfalls, and even do zip lining. All the thrills rolled into an unforgettable experience. The water is too cold in winter, so you can experience canyoning adventures only in summer from October to April. A half-day and full-day tour will cost around NZ$200 and NZ$300 approximately.
  • If you have dreamt of swimming like dolphins, jumping in and out of the water, try Flyboarding in Queenstown. Fly board is tied to your feet and with the help of pressure expelled from a jet ski, you are propelled up to 30 feet in the air. You will be then diving under the water to rise again like a dolphin. It takes you only 5-10 minutes to get you flying. The experience is worth NZ$149 and the minimum age is 10 years.

Vacation in Queenstown will not be complete if you don’t experience a few of these thrills. You cannot visit the Adventure Capital of the World and not come out of your comfort zone. Not up to it, you can go kayaking, cruises, rafting, paragliding, parasailing, helicopter rides, and many more. If such mind-blowing beauty, cannot trigger your adrenaline rush, nothing can.

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