Best Places to Travel on Budget

10 Best Places to Travel on Budget

Want to travel without spending a fortune? Be assured, it is very much possible. Many world-class destinations offer you more value for your money. If you are watching your budget, it makes sense to travel to affordable locations that will stretch your money and give you a better experience at every step.

Here we are going to list the ten best budget-friendly locations that can offer us the essentials at affordable rates. Reaching a destination is the most expensive part of traveling, so keep scouting for good flight deals to these wallet-friendly places. Tips for finding cheap flights. Once you reach there, it will be so much easier on your pocket. Check out this list of the ten cheapest yet most stunning destinations in the world.

PS: The budget specified is just to give a general idea. It includes accommodation, food, transportation, and some basic activities. The cost will vary to a certain extent on season, taste, and preferences. The best time is not usually the cheapest time to visit a country as the fares and hotel rates escalate during peak times. If you want to save money, you should always avoid the holiday seasons of the destination country.

1. India, Asia

Best Places to travel on budget - India

India is a preferred destination for every traveler and why not? It is a complete package boasting stunning landscapes, architectural wonders, awe-inspiring temples, deep-rooted history, and diverse culture. The vivid sights and sounds will assault your senses and blow you away. India is a huge sprawling country with so much to see and do that it will take you months to explore it. You can hike the snow-covered Himalayas, admire the iconic Taj Mahal, explore the colorful Rajasthan, relax on the exotic beaches of Goa,  practice Yoga, indulge in a shopping spree, or just gorge on the mouth-watering cuisine.  

It cannot be denied that India is overwhelming, intense, and chaotic, but you cannot overlook this amazing country. Luckily, it is one of the most affordable locations in the world. And if you are culturally sensitive and follow some basic norms, you will enjoy your trip immensely.  

India was always a budget destination, but now that the Indian rupee has taken a massive beating against the world’s major currencies, it has become economical. Low-cost lodging, inexpensive transportation, cheap food, incredible shopping, and free attractions – what more do you need? You may be a backpacker or jet setter, but you will find bargains in India provided you are vigilant. 

Backpacker  From $15 pp / per day (Don’t expect Western standards)   
Mid-range –   From $40 pp / per day. 
Luxury –          From $90 pp / per day 
Best Time to visit:  October-Marc

2. Vietnam, Asia

Vietnam, Best Places to Travel on Budget

If you are looking for a culinary adventure with a generous dose of idyllic beaches, lush rice terraces, forested mountains, colorful cities, and stunning waterways – Vietnam is for you. Halong Bay, Hanoi, Sapa Countryside, Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho are some of the must-see destinations. Many of these locations are UNESCO-protected. Street food is out of the world and costs next to nothing. There is a vast range of low-cost accommodations and transportation is efficient and cost-effective. Vietnam is a favorite amongst budget travelers and is slowly rising in popularity. So visit before it goes off this list.

Backpacker –  From $20pp / per day  
Mid-range –   From $45 pp / per day. 
Luxury –         From $120 pp / per day 
Best Times to visit:  March, April, September-December

3. Cambodia, Asia

Best Places to travel on budget - Cambodia

Cambodia is not as economical as it used to be, but it is still much more affordable than some of the neighboring countries and just as beautiful. Most tourists visit the fascinating country to explore Angkor Wat – the awe-inspiring ruins of the mighty Khmer Empire. But there are lots more – alluring beaches, amazing people, lush countryside, and dense forests. 

Day-to-day expenses like food, lodging, and transport (especially tuk-tuks)  are reasonably priced, making Cambodia a favorite budget destination. The entrance fees to the iconic Angkor Wat are a bit expensive ( $62 for a 3-day pass ), but is it too high a price to pay for such a spectacular sight? So if you are enamored by history and looking for an incredible, safe, and fun destination, start looking for cheap tickets to Cambodia.

Backpacker –  From $20 pp / per day 
Mid-range –   From $40 pp / per day. 
Luxury –         From $105 pp / per day     
Best Time to visit:  Nov-April

The majority of Southeast Asian countries could make the budget destination list, but let’s move on to Europe. The Philippines is another amazing destination. We have to understand that costs in Europe cannot be compared to Asia as there are lots of differences in infrastructure and basic living standards.

4. Hungary, Europe

Eastern Europe Itinerary - Two weeks

Budapest, the Hungarian capital is exhilarating and you are going to love it. The structures displaying the ravishing eclectic architecture are the most impressive in the world. The Hungarian Parliament, the illuminated Buda Castle, and other monuments will leave you spellbound. If museum/church-hopping is not your thing, don’t worry as there are endless things to do in Budapest. Take a dip in the famed thermal baths, watch a musical opera, enjoy the wild nightlife, taste the Hungarian wine, unwind at the quaint cafes/hip ruin bars, or just meander along the Danube promenade.

Want to explore the hilly countryside? Plan a trip to Lake Balaton or other medieval villages to rejuvenate yourself, mingle with locals, and watch the gorgeous sunset. Surprisingly, the country is still cost-effective and less crowded than other popular Western countries. The local cuisine and Hungarian wine are delicious and super affordable. Hungary is one country that is increasingly climbing the popularity chart. Thankfully, it can be easily managed with limited funds. You can easily combine a trip to Budapest with the rest of Eastern Europe

Backpacker – From $32 pp / per day 
Mid-range –  From $70 pp / per day. 
Luxury –        From $165 pp / per day 
Best Time to visit:  May-Sept

5. Croatia, Europe

Croatia Itinerary For 10 Days

Croatia may not be ‘dirt cheap”, but it is more cost-effective than the other countries in the vicinity like Greece and Italy. Croatia has thousands of spectacular islands, turquoise waters, paradise beaches, quaint coastal towns, and lots of sunshine. What more do you want for a perfect summer getaway? And can we forget the yacht parties and Plitvice National Park

Croatia can be expensive if you visit trendy islands like Hvar which attracts the rich and famous. Explore the lesser-known islands and travel in the shoulder season to get the most out of your money. Islands like Dugi Otok, Karnati Islands, Rab, and Mljet  (there are many) are largely unexplored, stupendous, and wallet-friendly. The essentials like transport, attractions, food, and lodging are a bargain in these small islands. Minimize ferry transfer costs by keeping a check on island hopping.

Backpacker –  From $35 pp / per day 
Mid-range –  From $75 pp / per day. 
Luxury –        From $185 pp / per day   
Best Time to visit:  May-Sept

6. Montenegro, Europe

Montenegro, Best Places to Travel on Budget

The country is Europe’s best-kept secret, just waiting to be explored. You may be a beach lover or a mountain person – Montenegro has just the perfect views for you. Montenegro is crammed with striking mountains, gushing rivers, unspoiled beaches, and antique Venetian villages. It is breathtaking, untouched, and a haven for nature lovers. You can climb the rugged mountains, explore the primeval forests,  zip-line over the deepest canyons, surf in the turquoise waters, or maybe just pin a tent on an obscure secluded spot. Montenegro is affordable and not yet overflowing with travelers, – just the right time to plan a trip to this emerging must-see destination. 

Backpacker –  From $30 pp / per day 
Mid-range –  From $70 pp / per day. 
Luxury –        From $150 pp / per day 
Best Time to visit:  April-Sept

7. Georgia, Europe

Georgia, Best Places to Travel on Budget

Linking Europe and Asia, Georgia is one country that is highly underrated and largely unknown. The small country packs an astonishing diversity of landscapes within its borders – rolling vineyards, snow-capped mountains, UNESCO World Heritage sites, sandy shores, and old-fashioned towns. Head to the Caucasus mountain range for a skiing holiday, visit Tbilisi for a perfect city break or just explore the amazing churches, castles, and monasteries that can be found all over the modest country. 

Georgia is stunning wherever you go and the food is delicious and a real steal. Entrance fees to popular sites are negligible and local transport is rock-bottom.  The country offers visa-free entry to citizens of 65 countries. Georgia is one of the oldest winemaking regions, its hospitality is legendary, and it is amongst the cheapest countries in the world – so what are you waiting for? 

Backpacker –  From $15 pp / per day 
Mid-range –   From $30 pp / per day. 
Luxury –          From $70 pp / per day 
Best Time to visit:  April-Sept

8. Nicaragua, Central America

Nicaragua, Best Places to Travel on Budget

The smaller countries of Central America like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are fantastic backpacking destinations and a great alternative to popular Costa Rica. I am going with Nicaragua as it is safe, diverse, affordable, and has something for everyone. Nicaragua also called the ‘Land of Lake and Volcanos’ is a paradise for adventure lovers – they can hike on volcanoes, check out ancient ruins, enjoy canoeing on the alligator-infested river, explore the lush forests, and surf in the sea.  It has diverse offerings for tourists – there is colonial architecture, volcanic landscapes, Mayan sites, stunning beaches, freshwater lakes, and vast swathes of rainforest. The hostels, food, and alcohol prices are nominal and it is easy to get around. So if you have not visited this part of the world, it should definitely be on your bucket list.

Backpacker –  From $20 pp / per day 
Mid-range –   From $40 pp / per day. 
Luxury –         From $100 pp / per day
Best Time to visit:  Nov-April

9. Mexico, North America

Best Places to visit in November - Mexico

Mexico is another very popular budget-friendly destination, especially for people coming from America. The depreciating Pesos have made it all the more cost-effective. Mexico is a complete package. It is the perfect combination of rich culture, bold traditions, stunning architecture, and jaw-dropping scenery. The rugged mountains, barren deserts, rich lagoons, and tropical rainforests provide endless adventure opportunities for everyone. Terrific shopping, amazing restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming locals add to the fun quotient. And can anyone forget the palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters of Cancun and Los Cabos?

Authentic, mouth-watering Mexican food like crispy tacos and cheesy quesadillas can be bought at nominal prices. Uber and public transport are reasonably priced even in November and December. Mexico is a preferred destination for all types of travelers – from backpackers to the super-rich. Mexico can be incredibly cheap or prohibitively expensive. The all-inclusive upscale resorts and high-end restaurants are exorbitantly priced. But if you follow the locals and avoid the ‘touristy towns’,  your money can go a long way. Check out places like the State Of Oaxaca and the entire Mayan Rivera if you want to experience the incredible culture and save some bucks.

Backpacker –  From $25 pp / per day 
Mid-range –  From $50 pp / per day. 
Luxury –         From $125 pp / per day 
Best Time to visit:  Nov-April

10. Morocco, Africa

Morocco. Best Places to Travel on Budget

Another stunning budget getaway, albeit this time in Africa, is Morocco. The country has a history, age-old customs, mountains, beaches, and of course the Moroccan desert. Get lost in the endless colorful alleyways of cities like Fez, Chefchaouen, and Marrakech, camp under the stars in the middle of the Sahara desert, walk along the Mediterranean coast and climb the towering Atlas mountains. You can click on your heart’s content as vivid surprises and ancient history await you at every corner. 

There are lots of options for backpackers, but if you can spare some cash, consider staying in the iconic ‘riads’ – traditional hotels with a garden courtyard. Trips and tours can be expensive, but they are worth experiencing. You will be overcharged, so learn the art of haggling. Morocco is relatively stable and a great place to travel on a budget.

Backpacker –  From $20 pp / per day 
Mid-range –  From $45 pp / per day. 
Luxury –         From $100 pp/per day
Best Time to visit:  April-May, Sept-Nov 

This list of budget destinations is not comprehensive. Many other countries could easily fit in. Poland, Indonesia, Laos, Portugal, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Albania, Ecuador, Estonia, and Columbia are a few of the countries that can be explored with a limited budget. Many locations are still a bargain. You should research and plan, avoid crowded towns, and live like a local. Traveling in a group is also a good way to save money. I hope the above list inspires you to find your budget destinations. 

If you have a favorite budget destination, would love to hear it in the comments below.

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